Change Log

July 30, 2016 - ServerScope Alpha Release

• Minimum size for disk benchmarks

File size for FIO and DD benchmarks is based on RAM of the server. So, servers with small amount of RAM weren't getting benchmarked properly. With this update FIO and DD benchmarks will read / write at least 2GB of data.

• Proper RAM sizes

No more weird numbers like 502MB when your server has 512MB.

• Improved network benchmark

SpeedTest benchmark has been changed so it uses 15 closest servers instead of 10.
Moreover, servers that are closer than 30 kms are skipped (we used to skip just the closest one). This gives us to get more honest "real-life-like" results.
We also don't use speedtest results that are lower then one standard deviation from the mean. This allows us to disregard bad / overloaded speedtest servers.

• New bandwidth benchmark

We received a lot of requests to implement download benchmark to show how fast server network can be and we've delivered! New benchmark downloads 500MB of data from a popular CDN and measures the download speed.

• Better benchmarking kit

Our benchmarking script has been almost rewritten from scratch. Our primary goal was to support all common versions of Python and to improve readability for those of you who want to review the script.

Thanks for your support!

June 10, 2016 - Initial MVP release

We started out with a simple benchmark kit and received a lot of positive feedback